If you have Comcast and own your own modem (not rent one from them), your modem is your personal property. No where in your contract with Comcast does it give them permission to use your personal property (your modem) as a hotspot or mobile networking hotspot. As the owner of the modem that Comcast is using, you can charge them for this service. Just as Comcast would pay to use a billboard for advertisement, they should pay for using your personal property (your modem) to enhance their services and enrich their pockets.


Apple, iPad, and iTunes

I am a parent of a child with multiple disabilities.  My son is 14 and has had iPad’s for the past 11 years or more.  He has one for a communication device, and 2 for using for games and such.  I have always had problems with games having so much in-app purchases that you can’t play the games without spending hundreds of dollars.  Recently we’ve began to notice that many apps we’ve spent money to purchase, and even spent money on in-app purchases are no longer available, have disappeared, or just no longer work.  For example: Lego Harry Potter (both versions), Lego Lord Of The Rings, Disney Toy Box, Disney Infinity, Infinity 3.0, and many others.  I have written to Apple and have gotten no response.  I feel that Apple owes children like my son some money.  My son always asks for iTunes cards for every holiday, then spends them on these games he loves so much, just to have them disappear.  I am really disappointed in Apple, and have been a die hard Apple customer for many years.  I really feel that this company is going straight into the toilet without a life raft.

Sorry end of my rant…. it just makes me so mad we’ve spent so much money and so many things our son can no longer play.  Do you know what frustration this causes to a child with multiple disabilities?  Do you know what it does to my life?  Thank you Apple, I think I am ready to switch all my devices to Google.

Don’t make the same mistake

As a parent we want to do all we can for our children, give them all they need and more, and raise them to be the best they can.  All of the hopes and dreams of doing this kind of get paused when you are told that your child has a disability.  I think you go through many different emotions when this happens.  A feeling of responsibility for what is wrong with them, which causes some guilt, even if it’s not your fault at all.  Then there is the feeling of wondering what the future could hold for them.  After this comes feeling bad for them because they can’t do things your other children can do.  When this happened I made a huge mistake, and have been realizing this now as my son gets older.

We (3 of my other children and myself) tried to do all we could to give my son everything he wanted, and even some times give him more than he wanted.  It became a mission to make him happy, almost try to make up for all the things he couldn’t do.  I have realized that this wasn’t the best thing for him or for us.  This just taught him that if he wanted it he would get it, and if he didn’t get it quick enough, he could get loud, demanding it, and get it in the end.  Whether it was a toy, a snack, or anything.  Now we are having to teach him the real way life works and even deal with some behavior issues.  I am not totally sure that the behavior issues are all due to this, but I am sure it’s a contributing factor.

So when your child is diagnosed with a disability, whatever it may be, and you get to that point of feeling guilty and sorry for them, do your best to avoid just giving them every thing they want.  It’s been a rough road having a child with multiple disabilities, especially doing it as a single mother for a lot of the time.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will get there.  You will come to accept it and learn to try to do all you can to make their life the best they can possibly have.


Today has been a very challenging day, wow, very challenging.  The boys didn’t have school due to Election Day, so they have been home.  I have been trying to do the normal routine of school work with the twins, and getting some of my school work done.  That hasn’t really happened much today, as every time I sit down to read my text I hear “mama”.  This is Damian calling me to show me something on his iPad or to ask me something.

Finally the twins finished their school and Damian was content for the time being, so I sat down to begin working on my English work for school.  In the middle of writing my post my MacBook decided it wanted to do an update and shut down without warning, so yep, lost all the work I had done.  I was waiting for the computer to be done so that I could go back and try to get a little more work done before starting dinner.  I finally came back and sat down in the kitchen at my computer, watching it calculate the time remaining for the installation.  I hear someone in the bathroom upstairs above me with the plunger, so they must have overflowed the toilet.  Within seconds I feel cold water dripping on my back and splashing on the floor behind me.  Quickly I move my computer, chair, and myself out of the way, and yes, you guessed it, it was the overflow water leaking through the ceiling into my kitchen.  UGHHHHHHH!!!!

So now after I finished cleaning up both the bathroom, the kitchen, and myself I decided to sit down and write this post.  Damian is now back to calling me, as he wants to eat, and I am going to have to start dinner.   So pretty much today was a crappy day, no pun intended lol..

Sunday morning

So it’s Sunday morning, the clock on the stove says 8am, but I know that it’s truly only 7am.  Damian is actually still sleeping, making this the first time he has ever taken advantage of the extra hour.  I am sitting here with my cup of hot (decaf) tea with the window next to me open just enough so I can feel the cold fresh air of fall.  Sadly, I do have to interrupt Damian’s slumber soon, as he has to take his medications in a timely manner so his day isn’t thrown off completely.  I don’t actually know what I am writing about in this post, but just felt like writing.

Yesterday was a good day for the most part.  I made a huge pot of my famous chicken soup, and even got to play on my favorite game for most of the day. (Wizard 101). It was nice to play both with Mike, and with our good friend Travis, even one of our friends Jeremy for a short time.  It was just a really nice day.  I am hoping today will be a nice one too.  Going to get to work on my second week of my second term of college.  But none of that until I do get Damian up and start our day.

I just sat here and wrote another letter to Ellen, I’ve wrote so many of them.  I don’t want her to fix my housing problem, or transportation issues, or my life.  Rather I just ask her to help me make a special day for Damian.  So we will see, or never see if anyone reads the letter.  I think that they just sit in a huge email account of never viewing, like all talk shows.

Well I think I have rambled on enough for this morning.  I really need to find some direction for my posts.  I have so many stories to tell, but just have no idea where to start.  I love the whole blog thing, but just wish I could write better, or knew where to start writing.  For now I am going to wake up my amazing, handsome, happy boy, give him the pills I must give him, and then begin the day.  Hope everyone is blessed today.

November Saturday Morning Thoughts

So it’s the end of my first week of my second term in college, and it feels good to be doing something to better myself.  This week has been a tough one, and I am glad that I work ahead on my assignments, so I didn’t get behind.  We did Halloween, and it was really fun.  Elijah chose to trick or treat with his friends instead of us, but Mike, Uncle Tony, the twins, Damian, and I took to the streets to get some candy.  The kids had a good time, especially Damian seemed to enjoy it a lot.  Damian was Spiderman, Elijah was a werewolf, Jacob was Iron Man, and Bella was a witch (green face and all).

When we came home from trick or treating Damian needed to eat, which this made him later than normal getting his medications, and getting to bed.  The next morning was a mess, as Damian was totally off schedule, and also not feeling well.  He spent the next 3 days at home trying to get over a horrible cold, but he is feeling much better now.  Life seems to be getting somewhat back to normal around here.

I finished my first term in college, and I finished with A’s and a 4.0 GPA, I am so proud of that, as I never really did that good in school.  Now it’s the weekend and hopefully it’s a relaxing one, well as much as it can be with 4 kids, lol.

I also went to the eye doctor yesterday for the first time in quite a few years.  My vision hasn’t gotten any worse, which is a plus, but my astigmatism in both eyes is a little worse, which changes my prescription.  I also go referred to a specialist because I am a “Glaucoma Suspect”.  No, I didn’t steal glaucoma, I don’t even want it, lol.  They just think I am really looking like the beginning stages of it.  The eye doctor did a good job explaining everything to me, and it seems to be treatable with eye drops.  I tried not to take to Google with the word “Glaucoma”, but I did, and didn’t like what I read.  So, anyway, going to make the appointment with the specialist on Monday, and have my new glasses ordered, and then we will go from there.  Next challenge I have to conquer is getting to the dentist.  But first I have to find one who accepts adults with my insurance and is accepting new patients.

Mike’s thoughts!!!

So first off I’ve been an artist since birth. Fact! As an artist I’ve always been able to create something from nothing. Any and all artist around the world understand what I’m saying. That doesn’t apply to just “ART” we are a group that always finds a way to make something from nothing in real life. We hustle hard!!!

Now knowing that I find myself at a weird time. I cant draw much now a days dew to carpel tunnel issues. I’m stuck on finishing my book, not blocked cause I know what I want it to say. Its that i just don’t feel like finishing it, Its not stimulating that itch that artist feel when they start that project that you start cranking out, your skin almost feels electric, your smell , your sight our minds are ablaze with creativity. Its honestly like a being on a whole different level of humanity. I miss it.

Now not saying this is a depressing post. I love my kids and Tiffany. They have pulled me from the darkness that was my life and have been the main force in my life.

Damian is full of so much love and joy.

Elijah is growing up to be a healthy and handsome young man

Jacob is a comedian with the looks that we will have to bar the windows to keep the girls away.

Bella is super smart, her creativity is aww inspiring, and she is my baby girl ❤

Tiffany is the most Beautiful woman, she is so strong, and smart. Going to college and getting a 4.0 gpa first two classes but regardless she is doing it. she is an amazing mother to EVERYONE that enters the house.

But they are growing up and becoming more independent. I have made them my life.

My body is destroyed from all the jobs I’ve worked. I have been working since I was 7yrs old. My grandfather would have me come over every weekend (weeding the garden, Shoving snow, Cleaning leaves, mowing lawn, watering plants) I would get $25.00 and it would go directly into my savings. I did that till I was 13yrs old.

13yrs old I got a paper route, If anyone is scratching their heads wondering what that job is? Google it! A few things that job taught me was.

  1. Being the middle man stinks.
  2. It takes a tole on the body.
  3. Most of the costumers are lairs, Never liked paying the bill.
  4. The few Diamonds among all the other crappy customers made it worth it. I have fond memories of some of those awesome people who just cared about you and would do almost anything to help. ( water or a snack or giving a tip every week)

15yrs old Got a job at Mc.Ds ( honestly who didn’t work at one between the 80-90). Things I learnt while there.

  1. Being on frys stinks
  2. Being at the window stinks
  3. Dealing with rude people stinks
  4. You lift waaaaayyyyyyyy more than 50lbs that they asked at the time. Which took a tole on the body.
  5. Management only cares about numbers honestly.
  6. cheap

16yrs old working at a place Ann & Hope. Again don’t know it? Google it! Lets just say the people that worked there called it “Ann & Hopeless” things I learnt from this job.

  1. Being on Register stinks
  2. Folding and Tagging stinks
  3. Unloading trucks ( Summer 120+ heat/ winter 32 degree) Lifting things that were waaaayyyyyyy heavier than 100lbs.
  4. Met some really awesome people.
  5. cheap

17yrs old working at K-Fart. Again pretty much the same as Ann & Hopeless.

17yrs old working at North Atlantic company in my area building a golf course. For once I felt I was getting paid for the work I did. I was making $26.50 and hour double time after 40 hours triple pay on weekends. 10 hour days yeah but I was pulling home $2000.00 a week give or take how many hours a week I worked which was 6 days a week.

I would do tons of manual labor every day. I was also working at a laser tag type place. So all day I’d be working come home take a shower go to my other job till 12am go home do it again. Luckily I had a great boss and they let me just do Tech work( soldering and replacing parts) on all the equipment. So I didn’t have to deal with the kids or parents.

As one would guess 17 working full time, I found a school program I could do through the mail. Got 2yrs of school done in one.

Also as you would guess I’m making $2500.00 per week, You guest is I spent it like a mad man… Golds, cloths, shoes… (after hours at the place we would party)

I have so many great memories during those 2 years. Aces was born. Everyone has code names for the laser tag game. Aces was mine.

Golf course complete + Change of management at laser tag = No more work…

18yrs old working at a very large plant nursery. I was working in the Landscapers section. Things I learnt from working there.

  1. working for $10 an hour breaking my back not cool.
  2. some of the people where awesome I will forever have amazing memories of them.

19yrs old Fresh start working at the local hospital working as a orderly. My grandmother worked there for almost 30 years. I got to work along side her. It was a great job that I worded at for almost 10 years. Time flies when your at a job where the people mean more to you than the money. As things happen things changing management and people leaving. it was an amazing place to work I got to learn so much about surgeries and health in general. I would read the old medical books for hours.


29yrs old start working at the same company my step father works at. I made ok pay for a fairly simple job. packing semiconductors. Shipping and Recieving. Best boss I have ever had, Picture the old  Dos Equis guy only younger, Funny as hell, Just an awesome dude.

32yrs old moved to Utah ( for a girl. I don’t talk about Xs but thought some who read this may want to know why after 32 years in Massachusetts I left. Went to college for Criminal Justice. Working security for a business downtown Salt Lake City.  My schedule was


1230pm-home eat sleep

930pm – gym that was at the place I worked and I could use for free.

11pm work

7am out of work

This went on for weeks making good money. Then something changed after Christmas and I left Utah in the dust along with my schooling sadly.

33yrs old start working in V.A. as a PCA and met my family for the first time.
WOW!!!! you guys are still reading you guys rock.

OK so that’s my work history.

Lets talk about some things that need to change in Humanity…

  1. Humans… lets be nice to each other. If a man wants to marry a man, woman & women, men & woman, men & trans, woman & trans. Who you love is who you love. As long as the love is reciprocal that’s all that matters and no one else should have say in a persons relationship other than that.
  2. Women… When are we going to give woman equality I mean we are in the 21st century here.
  3. The U.S.A. NEEDS TO INVEST IN -Vertical Farming, Renewable energies ( Solar, Wind, Tidel generators, hydro electric) CO2 Scrubbing machines reusing the carbon for renewable fuel.
  4. Medical- No more individual price books per hospital.  One price across the U.S.A no matter where it is. Lets make some laws that a Medical provider can only charge 3 times the amount it cost them to make.( Including everything, Cost of workers , electric, blah blah blah the rest of the stuff it cost them to make the product.) If we did that then our disabled sons wheel chairs wouldn’t cost us $12 – $15000.00 per piece of equipment. The medical industry has been bleeding Americans dry for years.  Hospitals can only charge triple what it cost them to buy. Maybe when they give you a 25 cent bag of saline they wont charge you $175 for it.
  5. Religion – its best not to talk about it but lets be honest. if a person wants to believeA, Adad, Adapa, Adrammelech, Aeon, Agasaya, Aglibol, Ahriman, Ahura Mazda, Ahurani, Ai-ada, Al-Lat, Aja, Aka, Alalu, Al-Lat, Amm, Al-Uzza (El-‘Ozza or Han-Uzzai), An, Anahita, Anath (Anat), Anatu, Anbay, Anshar, Anu, Anunitu, An-Zu, Apsu, Aqhat, Ararat, Arinna, Asherali, Ashnan, Ashtoreth, Ashur, Astarte, Atar, Athirat, Athtart, Attis, Aya, Baal (Bel), Baalat (Ba’Alat), Baau, Basamum, Beelsamin, Belit-Seri, Beruth, Borak, Broxa, Caelestis, Cassios, Lebanon, Antilebanon, and Brathy, Chaos, Chemosh, Cotys, Cybele, Daena, Daevas, Dagon, Damkina, Dazimus, Derketo, Dhat-Badan, Dilmun, Dumuzi (Du’uzu), Duttur, Ea, El, Endukugga, Enki, Enlil, Ennugi, Eriskegal, Ereshkigal (Allatu), Eshara, Eshmun, Firanak, Fravashi, Gatamdug, Genea, Genos, Gestinanna, Gula, Hadad, Hannahanna, Hatti, Hea, Hiribi, The Houri, Humban, Innana, Ishkur, Ishtar, Ithm, Jamshid or Jamshyd, Jehovah, Jesus, Kabta, Kadi, Kamrusepas, Ki (Kiki), Kingu, Kolpia, Kothar-u-Khasis, Lahar, Marduk, Mari, Meni, Merodach, Misor, Moloch, Mot, Mushdama, Mylitta, Naamah, Nabu (Nebo), Nairyosangha, Nammu, Namtaru, Nanna, Nebo, Nergal, Nidaba, Ninhursag or Nintu, Ninlil, Ninsar, Nintur, Ninurta, Pa, Qadshu, Rapithwin, Resheph (Mikal or Mekal), Rimmon, Sadarnuna, Shahar, Shalim, Shamish, Shapshu, Sheger, Sin, Siris (Sirah), Taautos, Tammuz, Tanit, Taru, Tasimmet, Telipinu, Tiamat, Tishtrya, Tsehub, Utnapishtim, Utu, Wurusemu, Yam, Yarih (Yarikh), Yima, Zaba, Zababa, Zam, Zanahary (Zanaharibe), Zarpandit, Zarathustra, Zatavu, Zazavavindrano, Ziusudra, Zu (Imdugud), Zurvan

    China (170):
    Ba, Caishen, Chang Fei, Chang Hsien, Chang Pan, Ch’ang Tsai, Chao san-Niang, Chao T’eng-k’ang, Chen Kao, Ch’eng Huang, Cheng San-Kung, Cheng Yuan-ho, Chi Po, Chien-Ti, Chih Jih, Chih Nii, Chih Nu, Ch’ih Sung-tzu, Ching Ling Tzu, Ch’ing Lung, Chin-hua Niang-niang, Chio Yuan-Tzu, Chou Wang, Chu Niao, Chu Ying, Chuang-Mu, Chu-jung, Chun T’i, Ch’ung Ling-yu, Chung Liu, Chung-kuei, Chung-li Ch’an, Di Jun, Fan K’uei, Fei Lien, Feng Pho-Pho, Fengbo, Fu Hsing, Fu-Hsi, Fu-Pao, Gaomei, Guan Di, Hao Ch’iu, Heng-o, Ho Po (Ping-I), Hou Chi, Hou T’u, Hsi Ling-su, Hsi Shih, Hsi Wang Mu, Hsiao Wu, Hsieh T’ien-chun, Hsien Nung, Hsi-shen, Hsu Ch’ang, Hsuan Wen-hua, Huang Ti, Huang T’ing, Huo Pu, Hu-Shen, Jen An, Jizo Bosatsu, Keng Yen-cheng, King Wan, Ko Hsien-Weng, Kuan Ti, Kuan Ti, Kuei-ku Tzu, Kuo Tzu-i, Lai Cho, Lao Lang, Lei Kung, Lei Tsu, Li Lao-chun, Li Tien, Liu Meng, Liu Pei, Lo Shen, Lo Yu, Lo-Tsu Ta-Hsien, Lu Hsing, Lung Yen, Lu-pan, Ma-Ku, Mang Chin-i, Mang Shen, Mao Meng, Men Shen, Miao Hu, Mi-lo Fo, Ming Shang, Nan-chi Hsien-weng, Niu Wang, Nu Wa, Nu-kua, Pa, Pa Cha, Pai Chung, Pai Liu-Fang, Pai Yu, P’an Niang, P’an-Chin-Lien, Pao Yuan-ch’uan, Phan Ku, P’i Chia-Ma, Pien Ho, San Kuan, Sao-ch’ing Niang, Sarudahiko, Shang Chien, Shang Ti, She chi, Shen Hsui-Chih, Shen Nung, Sheng Mu, Shih Liang, Shiu Fang, Shou-lao, Shun I Fu-jen, Sien-Tsang, Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju, Sun Pin, Sun Ssu-miao, Sung-Chiang, Tan Chu, T’ang Ming Huang, Tao Kung, T’ien Fei, Tien Hou, Tien Mu, Ti-tsang, Tsai Shen, Ts’an Nu, Ts’ang Chien, Tsao Chun, Tsao-Wang, T’shai-Shen, Tung Chun, T’ung Chung-chung, T’ung Lai-yu, Tung Lu, T’ung Ming, Tzu-ku Shen, Wa, Wang Ta-hsien, Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang, Weiwobo, Wen-ch’ang, Wu-tai Yuan-shuai, Xi Hou, Xi Wangmu, Xiu Wenyin, Yanwang, Yaoji, Yen-lo, Yen-Lo-Wang, Yi, Yu, Yu Ch’iang, Yu Huang, Yun-T’ung, Yu-Tzu, Zaoshen, Zhang Xi, , Zhin, Zhongguei, , Zigu Shen, , Zisun, Ch’ang-O

    balto slavic: (125)
    Aba-khatun, Aigiarm, Ajysyt, Alkonost, Almoshi, Altan-Telgey, Ama, Anapel, As-ava, Ausaitis, Austeja, Ayt’ar, Baba Yaga (Jezi Baba), Belobog (Belun), Boldogasszony, Breksta, Bugady Musun, Chernobog (Crnobog, Czarnobog, Czerneboch, Cernobog), Cinei-new, Colleda (Koliada), Cuvto-ava, Dali, Darzu-mate, Dazhbog, Debena, Devana, Diiwica (Dilwica), Doda (Dodola), Dolya, Dragoni, Dugnai, Dunne Enin, Edji, Elena, Erce, Etugen, Falvara, The Fates, The Fatit, Gabija, Ganiklis, Giltine, Hotogov Mailgan, Hov-ava, Iarila, Isten, Ja-neb’a, Jedza, Joda-mate, Kaldas, Kaltes, Keretkun, Khadau, Khursun (Khors), Kostrubonko, Kovas, Krumine, Kupala, Kupalo, Laima, Leshy, Marina, Marzana, Matergabiae, Mat Syra Zemlya, Medeine, Menu (Menulis), Mir-Susne-Khum, Myesyats, Nastasija, (Russia) Goddess of sleep., Nelaima, Norov, Numi-Tarem, Nyia, Ora, Ot, Patollo, Patrimpas, Pereplut, Perkuno, Perun, Pikuolis, Pilnytis, Piluitus, Potrimpo, Puskaitis, Rod, Rugevit, Rultennin, Rusalki, Sakhadai-Noin, Saule, Semargl, Stribog, Sudjaje, Svantovit (Svantevit, Svitovyd), Svarazic (Svarozic, Svarogich), Tengri, Tairgin, Triglav, Ulgen (Ulgan, lgn), Veles (Volos), Vesna, Xatel-Ekwa, Xoli-Kaltes, Yamm, Yarilo, Yarovit, Ynakhsyt, Zaria, Zeme mate, Zemyna, Ziva (Siva), Zizilia, Zonget, Zorya, Zvoruna, Zvezda Dennitsa, Zywie

    Hindu (72):
    Aditi, Adityas, Ambika, Ananta (Shesha), Annapurna (Annapatni), Aruna, Ashvins, Balarama, Bhairavi, Brahma, Buddha, Dakini, Devi, Dharma, Dhisana, Durga, Dyaus, Ganesa (Ganesha), Ganga (Ganges), Garuda, Gauri, Gopis, Hanuman, Hari-Hara, Hulka Devi, Jagganath, Jyeshtha, Kama, Karttikeya, Krishna, Krtya, Kubera, Kubjika, Lakshmi or Laksmi, Manasha, Manu, Maya, Meru, Nagas, Nandi, Naraka, Nataraja, Nirriti, Parjanya, Parvati, Paurnamasi, Prithivi, Purusha, Radha, Rati, Ratri, Rudra, Sanjna, Sati, Shashti, Shatala, Sitala (Satala), Skanda, Sunrta, Surya, Svasti-devi, Tvashtar, Uma, Urjani, Vach, Varuna, Vayu, Vishnu (Avatars of Vishnu: Matsya; Kurma; Varaha; Narasinha; Vamana; Parasurama; Rama; Krishna; Buddha; Kalki), Vishvakarman, Yama, Sraddha

    Japan (53):
    Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone, Ama no Uzume, Ama-terasu, Amatsu Mikaboshi, Benten (Benzai-Ten), Bishamon, Chimata-No-Kami, Chup-Kamui, Daikoku, Ebisu, Emma-O, Fudo, Fuji, Fukurokuju, Gekka-O, Hachiman, Hettsui-No-Kami, Ho-Masubi, Hotei, Inari, Izanagi and Izanami, Jizo Bosatsu, Jurojin, Kagutsuchi, Kamado-No-Kami, Kami, Kawa-No-Kami, Kaya-Nu-Hima, Kishijoten, Kishi-Mojin, Kunitokotatchi, Marici, Monju-Bosatsu, Nai-No-Kami, No-Il Ja-Dae, O-Kuni-Nushi, Omoigane, Raiden, Shine-Tsu-Hiko, Shoten, Susa-no-wo, Tajika-no-mikoto, Tsuki-yomi, Uka no Mitanna, Uke-mochi, Uso-dori, Uzume, Wakahirume, Yainato-Hnneno-Mikoi, Yama-No-Kami, Yama-no-Karni, Yaya-Zakurai, Yuki-Onne

    India (43)
    Agni, Ammavaru, Asuras, Banka-Mundi, Brihaspati, Budhi Pallien, Candi, Challalamma, Chinnintamma, Devas, Dyaush, Gauri-Sankar, Grhadevi, Gujeswari, Indra, Kali, Lohasur Devi, Mayavel, Mitra, Prajapati, Puchan, Purandhi, Rakshas, Rudrani, Rumina, Samundra, Sarasvati, Savitar, Siva (Shiva), Soma, Sura, Surabhi, Tulsi, Ushas, Vata, Visvamitra, Vivasvat, Vritra, Waghai Devi, Yaparamma, Yayu, Zumiang Nui, Diti

    Other Asian: (31)
    Dewi Shri, Po Yan Dari, Shuzanghu, Antaboga, Yakushi Nyorai, Mulhalmoni, Tankun, Yondung Halmoni, Aryong Jong, Quan Yin , Tengri, Uminai-gami, Kamado-No-Kami, Kunitokotatchi, Giri Devi, Dewi Nawang Sasih, Brag-srin-mo, Samanta-Bhadra, Sangs-rgyas-mkh, Sengdroma, Sgeg-mo-ma, Tho-og, Ui Tango, Yum-chen-mo, Zas-ster-ma-dmar-mo, Chandra, Dyaus, Ratri, Rodasi, Vayu, Au-Co

    African: 250 Gods, Demigods and First Men
    Abassi , Abuk , Adu Ogyinae , Ag, Agwe , Aida Wedo , Ajalamo, Aje, Ajok, Akonadi, Akongo, Akuj, Amma, Anansi, Asase Yaa, Ashiakle, Atai , Ayaba, Aziri, Baatsi, Bayanni, Bele Alua, Bomo rambi, Bosumabla, Buk, Buku, Bumba, Bunzi, Buruku, Cagn, Candit, Cghene, Coti, Damballah-Wedo, Dan, Deng, Domfe, Dongo, Edinkira, Ef, Egungun-oya, Eka Abassi, Elephant Girl Mbombe, Emayian, Enekpe, En-Kai, Eseasar, Eshu, Esu, Fa, Faran, Faro, Fatouma, Fidi Mukullu, Fon, Gleti, Gonzuole, G, Gua, Gulu, Gunab, Hammadi, Hbiesso, Iku, Ilankaka, Imana, Iruwa, Isaywa, Juok, Kazooba, Khakaba, Khonvum, Kibuka, Kintu, Leb, Leza, Libanza, Lituolone, Loko, Marwe, Massim Biambe, Mawu-Lisa (Leza), Mboze, Mebeli, Minepa, Moombi, Mukameiguru, Mukasa, Muluku, Mulungu, Mwambu, Nai, Nambi, Nana Buluku, Nanan-Bouclou, Nenaunir, Ng Ai, Nyaliep, Nyamb, Nyankopon, Nyasaye, Nzame, Oboto, Obumo, Odudua-Orishala, Ogun, Olokun, Olorun, Orisha Nla, Orunmila, Osanyin, Oshe, Osun, Oya, Phebele, Pokot-Suk, Ralubumbha, Rugaba, Ruhanga, Ryangombe, Sagbata, Shagpona, Shango, Sopona, Tano, Thixo, Tilo, Tokoloshi, Tsui, Tsui’goab, Umvelinqangi, Unkulunkulu, Utixo, Wak, Wamara, Wantu Su, Wele, Were, Woto, Xevioso, Yangombi, Yemonja, Ymoa, Ymoja, Yoruba, Zambi, Zanahary , Zinkibaru,

    Australian: 93 Gods, Goddesses and Places in the Dreamtime
    Alinga, Anjea, Apunga, Arahuta, Ariki, Arohirohi, Bamapana, Banaitja, Bara, Barraiya, Biame, Bila, Boaliri, Bobbi-bobbi, Bunbulama, Bunjil, Cunnembeille, Daramulum, Dilga, Djanggawul Sisters, Eingana, Erathipa, Gidja , Gnowee, Haumia, Hine Titama, Ingridi, Julana, Julunggul, Junkgowa, Karora, Kunapipi-Kalwadi-Kadjara, Lia, Madalait, Makara, Nabudi, Palpinkalare, Papa, Rangi, Rongo, Tane, Tangaroa, Tawhiri-ma-tea, Tomituka, Tu, Ungamilia, Walo, Waramurungundi, Wati Kutjarra, Wawalag Sisters, Wuluwaid, Wuragag, Wuriupranili, Wurrunna, Yhi,

    Buddhism: 10 Gods and Relatives of God
    Aizen-Myoo, Ajima,Dai-itoku-Myoo, Fudo-Myoo, Gozanze-Myoo, Gundari-Myoo, Hariti, Kongo-Myoo, Kujaku-Myoo, Ni-O,

    Carribean: 62 Gods, Monsters and Vodun Spirits
    Agaman Nibo , Agwe, Agweta, Ah Uaynih, Aida Wedo , Atabei , Ayida , Ayizan, Azacca, Baron Samedi, Ulrich, Ellegua, Ogun, Ochosi, Chango, Itaba, Amelia, Christalline, Clairm, Clairmezin, Coatrischie, Damballah , Emanjah, Erzuli, Erzulie, Ezili, Ghede, Guabancex, Guabonito, Guamaonocon, Imanje, Karous, Laloue-diji, Legba, Loa, Loco, Maitresse Amelia , Mapiangueh, Marie-aime, Marinette, Mombu, Marassa, Nana Buruku, Oba, Obtala, Ochu, Ochumare, Oddudua, Ogoun, Olokum, Olosa, Oshun, Oya, Philomena, Sirne, The Diablesse, Itaba, Tsilah, Ursule, Vierge, Yemaya , Zaka,

    Celtic: 166 Gods, Goddesses, Divine Kings and Pagan Saints
    Abarta, Abna, Abnoba, Aine, Airetech,Akonadi, Amaethon, Ameathon, An Cailleach, Andraste, Antenociticus, Aranrhod, Arawn, Arianrod, Artio, Badb,Balor, Banbha, Becuma, Belatucadros, Belatu-Cadros, Belenus, Beli,Belimawr, Belinus, Bendigeidfran, Bile, Blathnat, Blodeuwedd, Boann, Bodus,Bormanus, Borvo, Bran, Branwen, Bres, Brigid, Brigit, Caridwen, Carpantus,Cathbadh, Cecht, Cernach, Cernunnos, Cliodna, Cocidius, Conchobar, Condatis, Cormac,Coronus,Cosunea, Coventina, Crarus,Creidhne, Creirwy, Cu Chulainn, Cu roi, Cuda, Cuill,Cyhiraeth,Dagda, Damona, Dana, Danu, D’Aulnoy,Dea Artio, Deirdre , Dewi, Dian, Diancecht, Dis Pater, Donn, Dwyn, Dylan, Dywel,Efnisien, Elatha, Epona, Eriu, Esos, Esus, Eurymedon,Fedelma, Fergus, Finn, Fodla, Goewyn, Gog, Goibhniu, Govannon , Grainne, Greine,Gwydion, Gwynn ap Nudd, Herne, Hu’Gadarn, Keltoi,Keridwen, Kernunnos,Ler, Lir, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Lludd, Llyr, Llywy, Luchta, Lug, Lugh,Lugus, Mabinogion,Mabon, Mac Da Tho, Macha, Magog, Manannan, Manawydan, Maponos, Math, Math Ap Mathonwy, Medb, Moccos,Modron, Mogons, Morrig, Morrigan, Nabon,Nantosuelta, Naoise, Nechtan, Nedoledius,Nehalennia, Nemhain, Net,Nisien, Nodens, Noisi, Nuada, Nwywre,Oengus, Ogma, Ogmios, Oisin, Pach,Partholon, Penard Dun, Pryderi, Pwyll, Rhiannon, Rosmerta, Samhain, Segidaiacus, Sirona, Sucellus, Sulis, Taliesin, Taranis, Teutates, The Horned One,The Hunt, Treveni,Tyne, Urien, Ursula of the Silver Host, Vellaunus, Vitiris, White Lady,

    Egyptian: 85 Gods, Gods Incarnate and Personified Divine Forces:
    Amaunet, Amen, Amon, Amun, Anat, Anqet, Antaios, Anubis, Anuket, Apep, Apis, Astarte, Aten, Aton, Atum, Bastet, Bat, Buto, Duamutef, Duamutef, Hapi, Har-pa-khered, Hathor, Hauhet, Heket, Horus, Huh, Imset, Isis, Kauket, Kebechsenef, Khensu, Khepri, Khnemu, Khnum, Khonsu, Kuk, Maahes, Ma’at, Mehen, Meretseger, Min, Mnewer, Mut, Naunet, Nefertem, Neith, Nekhbet, Nephthys, Nun, Nut, Osiris, Ptah, Ra , Re, Renenet, Sakhmet, Satet, Seb, Seker, Sekhmet, Serapis, Serket, Set, Seth, Shai, Shu, Shu, Sia, Sobek, Sokar, Tefnut, Tem, Thoth,

    Hellenes (Greek) Tradition (540 Gods, Demigods, Divine Bastards)
    Acidalia, Aello, Aesculapius, Agathe, Agdistis, Ageleia, Aglauros, Agne, Agoraia, Agreia, Agreie, Agreiphontes, Agreus, Agrios, Agrotera, Aguieus, Aidoneus, Aigiokhos, Aigletes, Aigobolos, Ainia,Ainippe, Aithuia , Akesios, Akraia, Aktaios, Alalkomene, Alasiotas, Alcibie, Alcinoe, Alcippe, Alcis,Alea, Alexikakos, Aligena, Aliterios, Alkaia, Amaltheia, Ambidexter, Ambologera, Amynomene,Anaduomene, Anaea, Anax, Anaxilea, Androdameia,Andromache, Andromeda, Androphonos, Anosia, Antandre,Antania, Antheus, Anthroporraistes, Antianara, Antianeira, Antibrote, Antimache, Antimachos, Antiope,Antiopeia, Aoide, Apatouria, Aphneius, Aphrodite, Apollo, Apotropaios, Areia, Areia, Areion, Areopagite, Ares, Areto, Areximacha,Argus, Aridnus,Aristaios, Aristomache, Arkhegetes, Arktos, Arretos, Arsenothelys, Artemis, Asclepius, Asklepios, Aspheleios, Asteria, Astraeos , Athene, Auxites, Avaris, Axios, Axios Tauros,Bakcheios, Bakchos, Basileus, Basilis, Bassareus, Bauros, Boophis, Boreas , Botryophoros, Boukeros, Boulaia, Boulaios, Bremusa,Bromios, Byblis,Bythios, Caliope, Cedreatis, Celaneo, centaur, Cerberus, Charidotes, Charybdis, Chimera, Chloe, Chloris , Choreutes, Choroplekes, Chthonios, Clete, Clio, clotho,Clyemne, cockatrice, Crataeis, Custos, Cybebe, Cybele, Cyclops, Daphnaia, Daphnephoros, Deianeira, Deinomache, Delia, Delios, Delphic, Delphinios, Demeter, Dendrites, Derimacheia,Derinoe, Despoina, Dikerotes, Dimeter, Dimorphos, Dindymene, Dioktoros, Dionysos, Discordia, Dissotokos, Dithyrambos, Doris, Dryope,Echephyle,Echidna, Eiraphiotes, Ekstatophoros, Eleemon, Eleuthereus, Eleutherios, Ennosigaios, Enodia, Enodios, Enoplios, Enorches, Enualios, Eos , Epaine, Epidotes, Epikourios, Epipontia, Epitragidia, Epitumbidia, Erato, Ergane, Eribromios, Erigdoupos, Erinus, Eriobea, Eriounios, Eriphos, Eris, Eros,Euanthes, Euaster, Eubouleus, Euboulos, Euios, Eukhaitos, Eukleia, Eukles, Eumache, Eunemos, Euplois, Euros , Eurybe,Euryleia, Euterpe, Fates,Fortuna, Gaia, Gaieokhos, Galea, Gamelia, Gamelios, Gamostolos, Genetor, Genetullis, Geryon, Gethosynos, giants, Gigantophonos, Glaukopis, Gorgons, Gorgopis, Graiae, griffin, Gynaikothoinas, Gynnis, Hagisilaos, Hagnos, Haides, Harmothoe, harpy, Hegemone, Hegemonios, Hekate, Hekatos, Helios, Hellotis, Hephaistia, Hephaistos, Hera, Heraios, Herakles, Herkeios, Hermes, Heros Theos, Hersos, Hestia, Heteira, Hiksios, Hipp, Hippia, Hippios, Hippoi Athanatoi, Hippolyte, Hippolyte II, Hippomache,Hippothoe, Horkos, Hugieia, Hupatos, Hydra, Hypate, Hyperborean, Hypsipyle, Hypsistos, Iakchos, Iatros, Idaia, Invictus, Iphito,Ismenios, Ismenus,Itonia, Kabeiria, Kabeiroi, Kakia, Kallinikos, Kallipugos, Kallisti, Kappotas, Karneios, Karpophoros, Karytis, Kataibates, Katakhthonios, Kathatsios, Keladeine, Keraunos, Kerykes, Khalinitis, Khalkioikos, Kharmon, Khera, Khloe, Khlori,Khloris,Khruse, Khthonia, Khthonios, Kidaria, Kissobryos, Kissokomes, Kissos, Kitharodos, Kleidouchos, Kleoptoleme, Klymenos, Kore, Koruthalia, Korymbophoros, Kourotrophos, Kranaia, Kranaios, Krataiis, Kreousa, Kretogenes, Kriophoros, Kronides, Kronos,Kryphios, Ktesios, Kubebe, Kupris, Kuprogenes, Kurotrophos, Kuthereia, Kybele, Kydoime,Kynthia, Kyrios, Ladon, Lakinia, Lamia, Lampter, Laodoke, Laphria, Lenaios, Leukatas, Leukatas, Leukolenos, Leukophruene, Liknites, Limenia, Limnaios, Limnatis, Logios, Lokhia, Lousia, Loxias, Lukaios, Lukeios, Lyaios, Lygodesma, Lykopis, Lyseus, Lysippe, Maimaktes, Mainomenos, Majestas, Makar, Maleatas, Manikos, Mantis, Marpe, Marpesia, Medusa, Megale, Meilikhios, Melaina, Melainis, Melanaigis, Melanippe,Melete, Melousa, Melpomene, Melqart, Meses, Mimnousa, Minotaur, Mneme, Molpadia,Monogenes, Morpho, Morychos, Musagates, Musagetes, Nebrodes, Nephelegereta, Nereus,Nete, Nike, Nikephoros, Nomios, Nomius, Notos , Nyktelios, Nyktipolos, Nympheuomene, Nysios, Oiketor, Okyale, Okypous, Olumpios, Omadios, Ombrios, Orithia,Orius,Ortheia, Orthos, Ourania, Ourios, Paelemona, Paian, Pais, Palaios, Pallas, Pan Megas, Panakhais, Pandemos, Pandrosos, Pantariste, Parthenos, PAsianax, Pasiphaessa, Pater, Pater, Patroos, Pegasus, Pelagia, Penthesilea, Perikionios, Persephone, Petraios, Phanes, Phanter, Phatria, Philios, Philippis, Philomeides, Phoebe, Phoebus, Phoenix, Phoibos, Phosphoros, Phratrios, Phutalmios, Physis, Pisto, Plouton, Polemusa,Poliakhos, Polias, Polieus, Polumetis, Polydektes, Polygethes, Polymnia, Polymorphos, Polyonomos, Porne, Poseidon, Potnia Khaos, Potnia Pheron, Promakhos, Pronoia, Propulaios, Propylaia, Proserpine, Prothoe, Protogonos, Prytaneia, Psychopompos, Puronia, Puthios, Pyrgomache, Python, Rhea, Sabazios, Salpinx, satyr, Saxanus, Scyleia,Scylla, sirens, Skeptouchos, Smintheus, Sophia, Sosipolis, Soter, Soteria, Sphinx, Staphylos, Sthenias, Sthenios, Strife, Summakhia, Sykites, Syzygia, Tallaios, Taureos, Taurokeros, Taurophagos, Tauropolos, Tauropon, Tecmessa, Teisipyte, Teleios, Telepyleia,Teletarches, Terpsichore, Thalestris, Thalia, The Dioskouroi, Theos, Theritas, Thermodosa, Thraso, Thyonidas, Thyrsophoros, Tmolene, Toxaris, Toxis, Toxophile,Trevia, Tricephalus, Trieterikos, Trigonos, Trismegestos, Tritogeneia, Tropaios, Trophonius,Tumborukhos, Tyche, Typhon, Urania, Valasca, Xanthippe, Xenios, Zagreus, Zathos, Zephryos , Zeus, Zeus Katakhthonios, Zoophoros

    Native American: 711 Gods, Heroes, and Anthropomorphized Facets of Nature
    Aakuluujjusi, Ab Kin zoc, Abaangui , Ababinili , Ac Yanto, Acan, Acat, Achiyalatopa , Acna, Acolmiztli, Acolnahuacatl, Acuecucyoticihuati, Adamisil Wedo, Adaox , Adekagagwaa , Adlet , Adlivun, Agloolik , Aguara , Ah Bolom Tzacab, Ah Cancum, Ah Chun Caan, Ah Chuy Kak, Ah Ciliz, Ah Cun Can, Ah Cuxtal, Ah hulneb, Ah Kin, Ah Kumix Uinicob, Ah Mun, Ah Muzencab, Ah Patnar Uinicob, Ah Peku, Ah Puch, Ah Tabai, Ah UincirDz’acab, Ah Uuc Ticab, Ah Wink-ir Masa, Ahau Chamahez, Ahau-Kin, Ahmakiq, Ahnt Alis Pok’, Ahnt Kai’, Aholi , Ahsonnutli , Ahuic, Ahulane, Aiauh, Aipaloovik , Ajbit, Ajilee , Ajtzak, Akbaalia , Akba-atatdia , Akhlut , Akhushtal, Akna , Akycha, Alaghom Naom Tzentel, Albino Spirit animals , Alektca , Alignak, Allanque , Allowat Sakima , Alom, Alowatsakima , Amaguq , Amala , Amimitl, Amitolane, Amotken , Andaokut , Andiciopec , Anerneq , Anetlacualtiliztli, Angalkuq , Angpetu Wi, Anguta, Angwusnasomtaka , Ani Hyuntikwalaski , Animal spirits , Aningan, Aniwye , Anog Ite , Anpao, Apanuugak , Apicilnic , Apikunni , Apotamkin , Apoyan Tachi , Apozanolotl, Apu Punchau, Aqalax , Arendiwane , Arnakua’gsak , Asdiwal , Asgaya Gigagei, Asiaq , Asin , Asintmah, Atacokai , Atahensic, Aticpac Calqui Cihuatl, Atira, Atisokan , Atius Tirawa , Atl, Atlacamani, Atlacoya, Atlatonin, Atlaua, Atshen , Auilix, Aulanerk , Aumanil , Aunggaak , Aunt Nancy , Awaeh Yegendji , Awakkule , Awitelin Tsta , Awonawilona, Ayauhteotl, Azeban, Baaxpee , Bacabs, Backlum Chaam, Bagucks , Bakbakwalanooksiwae , Balam, Baldhead , Basamacha , Basket Woman , Bead Spitter , Bear , Bear Medicine Woman , Bear Woman , Beaver , Beaver Doctor , Big Heads, Big Man Eater , Big Tail , Big Twisted Flute , Bikeh hozho, Bitol, Black Hactcin , Black Tamanous , Blind Boy , Blind Man , Blood Clot Boy , Bloody Hand , Blue-Jay , Bmola , Bolontiku, Breathmaker, Buffalo , Buluc Chabtan, Burnt Belly , Burnt Face , Butterfly , Cabaguil, Cacoch, Cajolom, Cakulha, Camaxtli, Camozotz, Cannibal Grandmother , Cannibal Woman , Canotila , Capa , Caprakan, Ca-the-a, Cauac, Centeotl, Centzonuitznaua, Cetan , Chac Uayab Xoc, Chac, Chahnameed , Chakwaina Okya, Chalchihuitlicue, Chalchiuhtlatonal, Chalchiutotolin, Chalmecacihuilt, Chalmecatl, Chamer, Changing Bear Woman , Changing Woman , Chantico, Chaob, Charred Body , Chepi , Chibiabos , Chibirias, Chiccan, Chicomecoatl, Chicomexochtli, Chiconahui, Chiconahuiehecatl, Chie, Child-Born-in-Jug , Chirakan, Chulyen , Cihuacoatl, Cin-an-ev , Cinteotl, Cipactli, Cirap� , Cit Chac Coh, Cit-Bolon-Tum, Citlalatonac, Citlalicue, Ciucoatl, Ciuteoteo, Cizin, Cliff ogre , Coatlicue, Cochimetl, Cocijo, Colel Cab, Colop U Uichkin, Copil, Coyolxauhqui, Coyopa, Coyote , Cripple Boy , Crow , Crow Woman , Cum hau, Cunawabi , Dagwanoenyent , Dahdahwat , Daldal , Deohako, Dhol , Diyin dine , Djien , Djigonasee , Dohkwibuhch , Dzalarhons , Dzalarhons, Eagentci , Eagle , Earth Shaman , Eeyeekalduk , Ehecatl, Ehlaumel , Eithinoha , Ekchuah, Enumclaw , Eototo, Esaugetuh Emissee , Esceheman, Eschetewuarha, Estanatlehi , Estasanatlehi , Estsanatlehi, Evaki, Evening Star, Ewah , Ewauna, Face , Faces of the Forests , False Faces , Famine , Fastachee , Fire Dogs , First Creator , First Man and First Woman, First Scolder , Flint Man , Flood , Flower Woman , Foot Stuck Child , Ga’an, Ga-gaah , Gahe, Galokwudzuwis , Gaoh, Gawaunduk, Geezhigo-Quae, Gendenwitha, Genetaska, Ghanan, Gitche Manitou, Glispa, Glooskap , Gluscabi , Gluskab , Gluskap, Godasiyo, Gohone , Great Seahouse, Greenmantle , Gucumatz, Gukumatz, Gunnodoyak, Gyhldeptis, Ha Wen Neyu , Hacauitz , Hacha’kyum, Hagondes , Hahgwehdiyu , Hamatsa , Hamedicu, Hanghepi Wi, Hantceiitehi , Haokah , Hastseoltoi, Hastshehogan , He’ , Hen, Heyoka , Hiawatha , Hino, Hisakitaimisi, Hokhokw , Hotoru, Huehuecoyotl, Huehueteotl, Huitaca , Huitzilopochtli, Huixtocihuatl, Hummingbird, Hun hunahpu, Hun Pic Tok, Hunab Ku, Hunahpu Utiu, Hunahpu, Hunahpu-Gutch, Hunhau, Hurakan, Iatiku And Nautsiti, Ich-kanava , Ictinike , Idliragijenget , Idlirvirisong, Igaluk , Ignirtoq , Ikanam , Iktomi , Ilamatecuhtli, Illapa, Ilyap’a, i’noGo tied , Inti, Inua , Ioskeha , Ipalnemohuani, Isakakate, Ishigaq , Isitoq , Issitoq , Ite , Itzamn, Itzananohk`u, Itzlacoliuhque, Itzli, Itzpapalotl, Ix Chebel Yax, Ixbalanque, Ixchel, Ixchup, Ixmucane, Ixpiyacoc, Ixtab, Ixtlilton, Ixtubtin, Ixzaluoh, Iya , Iyatiku , Iztaccihuatl, Iztacmixcohuatl, Jaguar Night, Jaguar Quitze, Jogah , Kaakwha , Kabun , Kabun , Kachinas, Kadlu , Ka-Ha-Si , Ka-Ha-Si , Kaik , Kaiti , Kan, Kana’ti and Selu , Kanati, Kan-u-Uayeyab, Kan-xib-yui, Kapoonis , Katsinas, Keelut , Ketchimanetowa, Ketq Skwaye, Kianto, Kigatilik , Kilya, K’in, Kinich Ahau, Kinich Kakmo, Kishelemukong , Kisin, Kitcki Manitou, Kmukamch , Kokopelli , Ko’lok , Kukulcan, Kushapatshikan , Kutni , Kutya’I , Kwakwakalanooksiwae , Kwatee , Kwekwaxa’we , Kwikumat , Kyoi , Lagua , Land Otter People , Lawalawa , Logobola , Loha, Lone Man , Long Nose , Loon , Loon Medicine , Loon Woman , Loo-wit, Macaw Woman, Macuilxochitl, Maho Peneta, Mahucutah, Makenaima , Malesk , Malina , Malinalxochi, Malsum, Malsumis , Mam, Mama Cocha, Man in moon , Manabozho , Manetuwak , Mani’to, Manitou , Mannegishi , Manu, Masaya, Masewi , Master of Life , Master Of Winds, Matshishkapeu , Mavutsinim , Mayahuel, Medeoulin , Mekala , Menahka, Meteinuwak , Metztli, Mexitl, Michabo, Mictecacihuatl, Mictlan, Mictlantecuhtli, Mikchich , Mikumwesu , Mitnal, Mixcoatl, Mongwi Kachinum , Morning Star, Motho and Mungo , Mulac, Muut , Muyingwa , Nacon, Nagenatzani, Nagi Tanka , Nagual, Nahual, Nakaw, Nanabojo, Nanabozho , Nanabush, Nanahuatzin, Nanautzin, Nanih Waiya, Nankil’slas , Nanook , Naum, Negafook , Nerrivik , Nesaru, Nianque , Nishanu , Nohochacyum, Nokomis, Nootaikok , North Star, Nujalik , Nukatem , Nunne Chaha , Ocasta, Ockabewis, Odzihozo , Ohtas , Oklatabashih, Old Man , Olelbis, Omacatl, Omecihuatl, Ometecuhtli, Onatha , One Tail of Clear Hair , Oonawieh Unggi , Opochtli, Oshadagea, Owl Woman , Pah , Pah, Paiowa, Pakrokitat , Pana , Patecatl, Pautiwa, Paynal, Pemtemweha , Piasa , Pikvhahirak , Pinga , Pomola , Pot-tilter , Prairie Falcon , Ptehehincalasanwin , Pukkeenegak , Qaholom, Qakma, Qiqirn , Quaoar , Quetzalcoatl, Qumu , Quootis-hooi, Rabbit, Ragno, Raven, Raw Gums , Rukko, Sagamores , Sagapgia , Sanopi , Saynday , Sedna, Selu, Shakuru, Sharkura, Shilup Chito Osh, Shrimp house, Sila , Sint Holo , Sio humis, Sisiutl , Skan , Snallygaster , Sosondowah , South Star, Spider Woman , Sta-au , Stonecoats , Sun, Sungrey , Ta Tanka , Tabaldak , Taime , Taiowa , Talocan, Tans , Taqwus , Tarhuhyiawahku, Tarquiup Inua , Tate , Tawa, Tawiscara, Ta’xet , Tcisaki , Tecciztecatl, Tekkeitserktock, Tekkeitsertok , Telmekic , Teoyaomqui, Tepeu, Tepeyollotl, Teteoinnan, Tezcatlipoca, Thobadestchin, Thoume’, Thunder , Thunder Bird , Tieholtsodi, Tihtipihin , Tirawa , Tirawa Atius, Tlacolotl, Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli, Tlaloc, Tlaltecuhtli, Tlauixcalpantecuhtli, Tlazolteotl, Tohil, Tokpela , Tonantzin , Tonatiuh, To’nenile, Tonenili , Tootega , Torngasak, Torngasoak , Trickster/Transformer , True jaguar, Tsentsa, Tsichtinako, Tsohanoai Tsonoqwa , Tsul ‘Kalu , Tulugaak , Tumas , Tunkan ingan, Turquoise Boy , Twin Thunder Boys, Txamsem , Tzakol, Tzitzimime, Uazzale , Uchtsiti, Ud , Uentshukumishiteu , Ueuecoyotl, Ugly Way , Ugni , Uhepono , Uitzilopochtli, Ukat , Underwater Panthers , Unhcegila , Unipkaat , Unk, Unktomi , Untunktahe , Urcaguary, Utea , Uwashil , Vassagijik , Voltan, Wabosso , Wabun , Wachabe, Wah-Kah-Nee, Wakan , Wakanda , Wakan-Tanka, Wakinyan , Wan niomi , Wanagi , Wananikwe , Watavinewa , Water babies , Waukheon , We-gyet , Wemicus , Wendigo , Wentshukumishiteu , White Buffalo Woman, Whope , Wi , Wicahmunga , Wihmunga , Windigo, Winonah, Wisagatcak , Wisagatcak, Wishpoosh , Wiyot , Wovoka , Wuya , Xaman Ek, Xelas , Xibalba, Xilonen, Xipe Totec, Xiuhcoatl, Xiuhtecuhtli, Xiuhtecutli, Xmucane, Xochipili , Xochiquetzal, Xocotl, Xolotl, Xpiyacoc, Xpuch And Xtah, Yacatecuhtli, Yaluk, Yanauluha , Ya-o-gah , Yeba Ka, Yebaad, Yehl , Yeitso, Yiacatecuhtli, Yolkai Estsan, Yoskeha , Yum Kaax, Yuwipi , Zaramama, Zipaltonal, Zotz,

    Norse, 111 Deities, Giants and Monsters:
    Aegir, Aesir, Alfrigg, Audumbla, Aurgelmir, Balder, Berchta, Bergelmir, Bor, Bragi, Brisings, Buri, Etin, Fenris, Forseti, Frey, Freyja, Frigga, Gefion, Gerda, Gode, Gymir, Harke, Heimdall, Hel, Hermod, Hodur, Holda, Holle, Honir, Hymir, Idun, Jormungandr, Ljolsalfs, Loki, Magni, Mimir, Mistarblindi, Muspel, Nanna, Nanni, Nerthus, Njord, Norns, Odin, Perchta, Ran, Rig, Segyn, Sif, Skadi, Skirnir, Skuld, Sleipnir, Surt, Svadilfari, tanngniotr, tanngrisnr, Thiassi, Thor, Thrud, Thrudgelmir, Thrym, Thurs, Tyr, Uller, Urd, Vali, Vali, Valkyries, Vanir, Ve, Verdandi, Vidar, Wode, Ymir

    Pacific islands: 99 Deities, Demigods and Immortal Monsters:

    Abeguwo, Abere, Adaro, Afekan, Ai Tupua’i, ‘Aiaru, Ala Muki, Alalahe, Alii Menehune, Aluluei, Aruaka, Asin, Atanea, Audjal, Aumakua, Babamik, Bakoa, Barong, Batara Kala, Buring Une, Darago, Dayang-Raca, De Ai, Dogai, Enda Semangko, Faumea, Giriputri, Goga, Haumea, Hiiaka’, Hina, Hine, Hoa-Tapu, ‘Imoa, Io, Kanaloa, Kanaloa, Kane, Kapo, Kava, Konori, Ku, Kuhuluhulumanu, Kuklikimoku, Kukoae, Ku’ula, Laka, Laulaati, Lono, Mahiuki, MakeMake, Marruni, Maru, Maui, Melu, Menehune, Moeuhane, MOO-LAU, Ndauthina, Ne Te-reere, Nevinbimbaau, Ngendei, Nobu, Oro, Ove, Paka’a, Papa, Pele, Quat, Rangi, Rati, Rati-mbati-ndua, Ratu-Mai-Mbula, Rua, Ruahatu, Saning Sri, Ta’aroa, Taaroa, Tamakaia, Tane, Tanemahuta, Tangaroa, Tawhaki, Tiki, Tinirau, Tu, Tuli, Turi-a-faumea, Uira, Ukupanipo, Ulupoka, Umboko Indra, Vanuatu, Wahini-Hal, Walutahanga, Wari-Ma-Te-Takere, Whaitiri, Whatu, Wigan,

    South American: 53 Deities, Demigods, Beings of Divine Substance:

    Abaangui, Aclla, Akewa, Asima Si, Atoja, Auchimalgen, Axomama, Bachu, Beru, Bochica, Boiuna, Calounger, Catequil, Cavillaca, Ceiuci, Chasca, Chie, Cocomama, Gaumansuri, Huitaca, Iae, Ilyap’a, Ina, Inti, Ituana, Jamaina , Jandira, Jarina, Jubbu-jang-sangne, Ka-ata-killa, Kilya, Kuat, Kun, Luandinha, Lupi, Mama Allpa, Mama Quilla, Mamacocha, Manco Capac, Maret-Jikky, Maretkhmakniam, Mariana, Oshossi, Pachamac, Pachamama, Perimb, Rainha Barba, Si, Supai, Toptine, Viracocha, Yemanja (Imanje), Zume Topana.

    Honestly I had to do that just because I could and to show that there are more religions and gods people believe in. I personally believe in Jesus writings. Don’t need a church, Don’t need to give money to a church, just need to be a good person and treat people the way you want to be treated. if someone treats you wrong to turn your back and walk away. I don’t call what I believe in GOD. I prefer to think that when we die we awake on another plain of existence. Energy never dies it simple changes. I get that science says the energy is released in the breakdown of organics in the form of nitrogen and other things that plants feed on. So bury me in the dirt and plant a tree on me. If no one cares what I believe in while i’m feeding a tree.

  6. Politics – Yup i’m going there…  I know a lot of people might not agree with my views but regardless here is what I think.

1. No more golden Parachutes ( House, Senate and judicial sectors.)  The president is the only political person that should get a pension.

2. No more Tax breaks for any one working for the government. If the middle class pays for it they can pay for it.

3. No more free Healthcare for anyone who works for the government.

4. Lets make Lobbyist illegal.

5. Bills must be no longer than 10 pages long.

6. Make a law that max a single person can be given to a person to go to their campaign fund which will be made public who contributed to that fund. (this includes businesses which are a person in the courts eyes. “i’m rolling my eyes cause the definition of a person is as follows.”)


  1. 1.
    a human being regarded as an individual.
    “the porter was the last person to see her”
    synonyms: human beingindividual, man/woman, childhumanbeing, (living) soul, mortalcreature;

So big name companies, big pharma, all these oil companies will no longer be able to mess around with our government.

7. No Campaign fund can exceed $250,000.00

8. All people campaigning for any political office must do a minimum of 10 debates open to either live online or TV.

9. All political campaigners must post their last years taxes in all local news outlets, via online and news paper. Only the social security number and address is blacked out.

10. All the political sectors get 2 weeks vacation (14 days total) this includes national holidays.

11. All political leaders pay will be limited to the minimum wage of their connected state. Their wage only increases when the minimum wage increases in their state.

12. Any time we declare war the congress and presidential children (18 – 36 yrs old) are automatically drafted and are the first boots on the ground.

13. Foreign aid is to be limited to the USA supplying weapons/food/ supplies for them to fight for their own freedom.


7. Schools – Yup lets face it we are headed into home schooling age. lets get the kids netbooks and get them doing school at home. It will create millions of jobs for baby sitters. Better yet let the cities hire people to baby sit the kids in school who are doing their work online. Also lets challenge these kids. (Elijah is in Advanced math and he says its so simple. 7th grade mind you.)


8. Science – we spend more on everything else in this country and we have fallen behind because of it. Science is the reason we have so many cool things in our life. We need to invest in all the scientific fields. Most if not all scientist believe in open source so the information is available to everyone.


9. History – yes I’m going there. We need to have monuments of those that did great things but, we also have to have the information of the horrendous atrocities big and small. If we forget our past we are doomed to repeat it.


This is my mind… its a crazy ride being my mind and this is bit a drop in the bucket of what I think of on the day to day. Quantum Mechanics, physics, life, kids, the world, humanity.


I’m lost and don’t know what to do next. I cant make sense of it all. I cant stop the thinking. I hate not knowing my next move. If you read this all.

Thank you and please share it.

Mike :-p










A Perfect Place

So after many years in regular public schools and in the special education programs at various schools, today, we finally saw the perfect school.  I found myself wishing that every child with special needs in the world could go to a special school like this.  I am excited that our Damian has this opportunity.

The school is in a different school district, but not too far from where we live in Salem, it’s just the next town over, maybe 15 minutes away in traffic.  The school is everything I could have ever hoped for as far as Damian and his education.

We first approached the doors of the school, rang the buzzer to be let in, and the doors, both sets opened automatically.  No need to push a button and try to get inside really quick, they just opened for us.  That was an awesome first impression, as well as the 2 person adaptive bike that was parked in the front of the school.

We went into the office to check in, get a visitors badge, and meet the 2 ladies we’d be talking and touring the school with.  They were both very friendly, and a first look at the school, it was not as huge an overwhelming as most public schools are, and every child I saw pass us was happy, which is a great thing to see.

Then we followed the 2 ladies up to an office and sat down at a round table.  We discussed our main concerns for Damian as far as his education is concerned.  After going over the things we think are most important for him, and also the things that should be the focus of his education, they started to tell us more about the school.  We had already done a lot of research on this school, and were already impressed before even seeing it.  We went over the paperwork that would need to be filled out, and a little more about the different programs they have at the school that were being considered for Damian.  Now it was time to go on the tour.

I have to say we were impressed by many different things.  The smaller size gyms for their physical education, equipped with mats and all kinds of cool stuff, one even had swings in it, and they were adaptive swings.  All of the teachers and staff we met seemed very friendly, and happy to be there.  There is a great plan for the children in wheelchairs in case of emergency, which is awesome.  The classrooms were comfy, and felt like a home type of environment.  They also had rooms for vocational type instruction and activities, like learning to sort things, recycle, do mail, make art pieces and such to sell, a kitchen and laundry area for life skills, and so many other great things.  There were even cool down padded rooms in case they were needed, as well as a chill room that had swings and big cushy chairs in it.

Now the icing on top of the cake was when we saw the adaptive playground.  Damian hasn’t ever been to a playground that was totally accessible to him, and he hasn’t even been in a school that has a playground area in quite some time.  They even have a fenced in track area where he can go around in his wheelchair, and just so many great things.  I truly didn’t know a school like this existed, and I am so excited for him, and for every special child that gets an opportunity to attend a school like this.

So now I’ve filled out all of the paperwork, it’s been approved by his school, and just a few more formalities and hopefully he will start.  So stay tuned, because I will write about it.

Sunday surprise visit…

We are in the kitchen, I’m peeling potatoes, Mike is getting 2 chickens ready to go into the oven for dinner, and we hear banging on our front door.  Mike goes to answer it, and I head out behind him with a towel in hand, since he had chicken covered hands, lol.

The visitor was one of Damian’s good friends, a friendly Salem Police Officer.  So apparently when you try to help out a family member, people send the cops to your house.

Recently Mike’s uncle Tony came for a visit, and after seeing the state of his health and well being, and hearing some horrible stories, we invited him to live here for a while and get his life back together.  So his ex-wife decided to call the police and send them here for what they call a welfare check.  The officer came in, talked to Mike, and then went upstairs and talked to uncle Tony.  Our uncle told the officer he wanted nothing to do with his ex-wife and was here on his own, the officer looked around, saw the house and told us how well we are doing taking care of him.

Well, at least Damian saw his friend, the police officer, and it just happened to be the one who responded to the 911 call from the school about Damian.  Damian was so excited, he had to put on his police shirt, hat, and badge.  So needless to say, an unexpected visit here made a happy day for Damian.

Thank you to our uncles ex-wife for sending them to our house.  Our uncle is doing great, he is getting fed and eating well, being taken to the doctor as needed, and has control of his own life and money.  Damian is happy that one of his best friends came in his house today.  Me, I am now happy that I can get back to cooking my Sunday dinner.

Can’t believe it!

As I am about to enter the last week of my first term of college, I just can’t believe it.  I can’t believe that I have almost completed 2 college courses, and finishing them both with an A most likely.  Here is to hoping that I do this well in all of my classes.  Looking forward to every term there is to come, until I reach my ultimate goal of my degree.  So if you are thinking of going back to school, but you think you may be too old to start now, do it! You aren’t too old, and if I can do it being a stay at home mom of 4, homeschooling 2 kids, you can do it too!