Meet our Damian Joseph.  He is turning 14 on August 24th.  Damian is diagnosed with multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy and autism.  He loves very few things including pizza, chocolate chip cookies, his iPad, receiving mail, and police officers.  He even tells everyone he is a cop and helps people.

So I am looking for some help with an idea I had for him.  What better than to receive one of his favorite things (mail) from his favorite people (police officers).  I am asking for stickers, patches, hat, shirt, or anything police related.  He will be super excited not only to receive his very own mail, but to open it and it’s police man stuff.  Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.  I am sure that there is some police family within our friends, family, or following.

Feel free to send a message if you may be able to do something to help make Damian’s days special.  Thank you in advance for anything.


4 Comments on “Police Mail For Damian

  1. I am a retired Lieutenant from Baltimore City. I shipped a box of memorabilia yesterday to Damian. I spoke with his mom today and the Chief assistant Salem PD. They are making arrangements to meet Damian on his birthday.

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  2. Damian
    Happy birthday Brother. You were inducted into one of the largest Brotherhood and Sisterhood in the world. You have been awarded the title of Honorary Police Lieutenant in Baltimore. You may call, text or email me anytime day or night. Your Mom has my information. Happy Birthday Lieutenant!

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