I’m writing a book

Hey everyone.

Mike here. This is all new to me so please bear with me. Hahaha

So I’m writing a book. This all started 25 years ago. I was about 12 and loved to draw especially superheroes. I was and 80s baby,

which came some of the best cartoons ever.

So I drew a character and that one character sparked a whole universe in my mind.

Characters, evolving plot, refreshing and new ideas, in my mind I was god… I preferred to just think of it and let it flow out however it wanted to come out.

Well at least I’m in the beginning phase of characters and flushing out the over all story. It’s funny too that I started thinking it would be a 15 chapter book max. Started on July 21st and I’m about to start chapter 39…

It’s been great tho to get it out of my head. I thought I would do 3 books total 50 chapters max through all 3 books.

Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh well regardless I’m looking forward to going through the phases of creating this universe.

Well take care everyone ❤️


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