The Twins & Online School

So we have officially started the second week of online school for the twins.  Now they are in the fourth grade, and they both seem to love this online school.  Today they actually had live class lessons with teacher and students all having camera and microphone.  I love this option of being able to be more a part of their education.  I would suggest any parent that has the chance to do it.  Free, online, public school, why not?  If you have the ability, do it, it’s a great thing.  Our children are so impressionable during the elementary years.  Who is better to be making impressions on them, I’d say the parents, if possible.

In the past couple years the twins went to a local public school, they loved the school and the teachers, but they both had things they didn’t like about school.  Taking those things into account, as well as some other concerns, I decided to give the online public school a try.  Now once they are ready to head to the middle school for 6th grade, they will have the option whether to continue online, or go to the brick and mortar school.

We’ve been teaching them photography in the area as an elective, and have many other plans for elective education.  Our physical education is a trip to the YMCA on a daily basis, as well as a P.E. live class weekly.  They also have a live interactive art class once a week, and they even provide some of the materials needed.

I would definitely say that this has been successful thus far.  Both of them seem happier, we don’t seem as stressed, and we are getting closer as a family in the process.  I think it is a win win situation for all of us involved.


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