A day in the life…TWCF

Good morning!  I believe it’s Tuesday, but need to look at my phone to confirm that.  We woke the middle school boys up at 6:30; got Damian through his morning routine and ready for the school bus; waited for the school bus for about an hour (it’s never on time for the first couple weeks or longer); set up the kitchen table for school time for the twins and I; we woke up the twins; Bella went with grandma to McDonald’s for some breakfast sandwiches (I think, lol); now here Jacob and I sit at the table and ready to start our school day.


(I plan on trying to continue this entry with more of a day in the life of TWCF)


So…. it’s now the next day and I wasn’t able to continue this blog post, so maybe another day lol…. Life!!!


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