So ever since I got sick about a month ago we have being trying to eat better.  When I say better for me, I mean eating more, eating regularly, and eating things that my body needs.  The big hump of being sick was hard to get over, but now I am feeling better (although not 100%), and food is so good.

We have been doing a lot of grilling.  I would grill every night if we could.  Just grab a few fresh veggies and some meat, throw it on the grill, and it’s amazing.  We use garlic generously, but it is always fresh garlic, a little salt and pepper, and then a drizzle of olive oil.  That is all we do to the veggies to prep them for the grill, and obviously cut it depending on what veggie it is.  Now pretty much every meat you can think of, I make the same marinade.  I am not going to give away my secret refined recipe, but I can tell you it is a soy, garlic, ginger type of marinade.  Oh, it’s so yummy!


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