Another week down

So another week of school is done for both the twins and me.  The boys don’t get home until around 4, and that will be the end of their week.  I am still a little nervous about me going back to school, but I am sure with time it will get easier.  The twins are doing good and really enjoying the online school.  I really like it because it allows me to play a bigger part in their education.

As far as how I have been feeling, hmm, for the most part better.  I am constantly reminding myself to eat, even when I am not feeling so good.  It isn’t an easy road to change your eating habits, but I can tell you if it makes me feel better, 100% worth it.


2 Comments on “Another week down

  1. How’s Damian doing? Made some arrangements for when you all make the visit next year. The museum will be anytime access and Damian even gets to go inside a real jail cell…

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