So if you watched this season of Big Brother, you probably know what this post is going to be about.  It is robbery that Paul didn’t win.  Paul played the best game of BB in history, and really deserved to win.  Everything he did, he did without everyone, or anyone knowing really.  The jury members, especially Alex and Jason make me sick.  I loved them both, and even voted them AFP, but what the heck?  If you are a true fan of BB you know what the game entails, and that is exactly what Paul did, and he did it perfectly.  I really think CBS and their production had more to do with this season than ever before, and it is sickening.  They have ruined a truly good show.

First they make up a new reward, “Never Have Not”, just for Raven mind you, because she couldn’t be a have not due to her medical conditions.  What a crock!  If you can’t play BB the way it needs to be played, GOODBYE!!!  No special rules for anyone, it’s just not fair.  Then to let Christmas play out the season, or rather sit out the season with a broken foot, that was a complete joke.

Then we have AFP being Cody, yeah right!  I don’t believe that many people in America would vote for such a bully.  I couldn’t even believe him and Jessica and the way they bullied people.  Yeah CBS, great idea, let’s show everyone watching your show that America loves a bully.

We cancelled our subscription to the CBS All Access and probably won’t ever watch BB again.  Sick, sick, sick 😦


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