chapter 42 again…

So I’m finally getting back to writing, it’s been a few months. With Tiffany getting sick and a very close friends passing, school issues with Damian.

I had chapter 42 completed but for some reason when I sent it via email. It got lost in translation. So here I sit rewriting it all over again. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

at least chapter 43 went through so that’s a plus but it hard to get back into writing this story that’s been in my head for 25 yrs and evolving everyday in those 25 years.

many of personalities in my head at every min of the day, on top of thinking of quantum mechanics and physics and kids and life and friends.

we think so much as humans and we are capible of such great things. I look forward to a day that we can all agree to work together to improve everyone’s life and the planets life.

well back to typing land…image.jpg


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