Sunday surprise visit…

We are in the kitchen, I’m peeling potatoes, Mike is getting 2 chickens ready to go into the oven for dinner, and we hear banging on our front door.  Mike goes to answer it, and I head out behind him with a towel in hand, since he had chicken covered hands, lol.

The visitor was one of Damian’s good friends, a friendly Salem Police Officer.  So apparently when you try to help out a family member, people send the cops to your house.

Recently Mike’s uncle Tony came for a visit, and after seeing the state of his health and well being, and hearing some horrible stories, we invited him to live here for a while and get his life back together.  So his ex-wife decided to call the police and send them here for what they call a welfare check.  The officer came in, talked to Mike, and then went upstairs and talked to uncle Tony.  Our uncle told the officer he wanted nothing to do with his ex-wife and was here on his own, the officer looked around, saw the house and told us how well we are doing taking care of him.

Well, at least Damian saw his friend, the police officer, and it just happened to be the one who responded to the 911 call from the school about Damian.  Damian was so excited, he had to put on his police shirt, hat, and badge.  So needless to say, an unexpected visit here made a happy day for Damian.

Thank you to our uncles ex-wife for sending them to our house.  Our uncle is doing great, he is getting fed and eating well, being taken to the doctor as needed, and has control of his own life and money.  Damian is happy that one of his best friends came in his house today.  Me, I am now happy that I can get back to cooking my Sunday dinner.


2 Comments on “Sunday surprise visit…

  1. Sometimes the unexpected visits turn out to be the best ones. Glad Damian saw his friend. Damian is a special person to many and he is loved by his brothers and sisters from the PD brother/sister Police Nation.


    • Thank you so much, not just for reading and commenting on the things I write, but also for becoming a part of our family. It is an honor to know you, and Damian cherishes everything you sent him.


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