A Perfect Place

So after many years in regular public schools and in the special education programs at various schools, today, we finally saw the perfect school.  I found myself wishing that every child with special needs in the world could go to a special school like this.  I am excited that our Damian has this opportunity.

The school is in a different school district, but not too far from where we live in Salem, it’s just the next town over, maybe 15 minutes away in traffic.  The school is everything I could have ever hoped for as far as Damian and his education.

We first approached the doors of the school, rang the buzzer to be let in, and the doors, both sets opened automatically.  No need to push a button and try to get inside really quick, they just opened for us.  That was an awesome first impression, as well as the 2 person adaptive bike that was parked in the front of the school.

We went into the office to check in, get a visitors badge, and meet the 2 ladies we’d be talking and touring the school with.  They were both very friendly, and a first look at the school, it was not as huge an overwhelming as most public schools are, and every child I saw pass us was happy, which is a great thing to see.

Then we followed the 2 ladies up to an office and sat down at a round table.  We discussed our main concerns for Damian as far as his education is concerned.  After going over the things we think are most important for him, and also the things that should be the focus of his education, they started to tell us more about the school.  We had already done a lot of research on this school, and were already impressed before even seeing it.  We went over the paperwork that would need to be filled out, and a little more about the different programs they have at the school that were being considered for Damian.  Now it was time to go on the tour.

I have to say we were impressed by many different things.  The smaller size gyms for their physical education, equipped with mats and all kinds of cool stuff, one even had swings in it, and they were adaptive swings.  All of the teachers and staff we met seemed very friendly, and happy to be there.  There is a great plan for the children in wheelchairs in case of emergency, which is awesome.  The classrooms were comfy, and felt like a home type of environment.  They also had rooms for vocational type instruction and activities, like learning to sort things, recycle, do mail, make art pieces and such to sell, a kitchen and laundry area for life skills, and so many other great things.  There were even cool down padded rooms in case they were needed, as well as a chill room that had swings and big cushy chairs in it.

Now the icing on top of the cake was when we saw the adaptive playground.  Damian hasn’t ever been to a playground that was totally accessible to him, and he hasn’t even been in a school that has a playground area in quite some time.  They even have a fenced in track area where he can go around in his wheelchair, and just so many great things.  I truly didn’t know a school like this existed, and I am so excited for him, and for every special child that gets an opportunity to attend a school like this.

So now I’ve filled out all of the paperwork, it’s been approved by his school, and just a few more formalities and hopefully he will start.  So stay tuned, because I will write about it.


2 Comments on “A Perfect Place

  1. That is great news. A school where Damian has the ability to expand and receive the education he needs and deserves. I hope that Damian enjoys the new environment and becomes a participant easily. Maybe even have an opportunity to wear the memorabilia he is so happy wearing from his Police Friends. Damian may become the Honorary School Officer and an inspiration to many others. God Bless you Lt
    Damian, my brother in Blue! You make us all proud!


    • I didn’t ever imagine that schools like this one existed, and I am so excited for him. I think he is going to love it. We met a boy there yesterday and his love of firemen is as strong as Damian’s love of police, so I believe they will become great friends. Today they weren’t allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school, but Damian went dressed as a police officer, he loves every thing you sent him, and wears it daily. We love you and are honored to have you as a part of our family.


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