November Saturday Morning Thoughts

So it’s the end of my first week of my second term in college, and it feels good to be doing something to better myself.  This week has been a tough one, and I am glad that I work ahead on my assignments, so I didn’t get behind.  We did Halloween, and it was really fun.  Elijah chose to trick or treat with his friends instead of us, but Mike, Uncle Tony, the twins, Damian, and I took to the streets to get some candy.  The kids had a good time, especially Damian seemed to enjoy it a lot.  Damian was Spiderman, Elijah was a werewolf, Jacob was Iron Man, and Bella was a witch (green face and all).

When we came home from trick or treating Damian needed to eat, which this made him later than normal getting his medications, and getting to bed.  The next morning was a mess, as Damian was totally off schedule, and also not feeling well.  He spent the next 3 days at home trying to get over a horrible cold, but he is feeling much better now.  Life seems to be getting somewhat back to normal around here.

I finished my first term in college, and I finished with A’s and a 4.0 GPA, I am so proud of that, as I never really did that good in school.  Now it’s the weekend and hopefully it’s a relaxing one, well as much as it can be with 4 kids, lol.

I also went to the eye doctor yesterday for the first time in quite a few years.  My vision hasn’t gotten any worse, which is a plus, but my astigmatism in both eyes is a little worse, which changes my prescription.  I also go referred to a specialist because I am a “Glaucoma Suspect”.  No, I didn’t steal glaucoma, I don’t even want it, lol.  They just think I am really looking like the beginning stages of it.  The eye doctor did a good job explaining everything to me, and it seems to be treatable with eye drops.  I tried not to take to Google with the word “Glaucoma”, but I did, and didn’t like what I read.  So, anyway, going to make the appointment with the specialist on Monday, and have my new glasses ordered, and then we will go from there.  Next challenge I have to conquer is getting to the dentist.  But first I have to find one who accepts adults with my insurance and is accepting new patients.


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