Today has been a very challenging day, wow, very challenging.  The boys didn’t have school due to Election Day, so they have been home.  I have been trying to do the normal routine of school work with the twins, and getting some of my school work done.  That hasn’t really happened much today, as every time I sit down to read my text I hear “mama”.  This is Damian calling me to show me something on his iPad or to ask me something.

Finally the twins finished their school and Damian was content for the time being, so I sat down to begin working on my English work for school.  In the middle of writing my post my MacBook decided it wanted to do an update and shut down without warning, so yep, lost all the work I had done.  I was waiting for the computer to be done so that I could go back and try to get a little more work done before starting dinner.  I finally came back and sat down in the kitchen at my computer, watching it calculate the time remaining for the installation.  I hear someone in the bathroom upstairs above me with the plunger, so they must have overflowed the toilet.  Within seconds I feel cold water dripping on my back and splashing on the floor behind me.  Quickly I move my computer, chair, and myself out of the way, and yes, you guessed it, it was the overflow water leaking through the ceiling into my kitchen.  UGHHHHHHH!!!!

So now after I finished cleaning up both the bathroom, the kitchen, and myself I decided to sit down and write this post.  Damian is now back to calling me, as he wants to eat, and I am going to have to start dinner.   So pretty much today was a crappy day, no pun intended lol..


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