Apple, iPad, and iTunes

I am a parent of a child with multiple disabilities.  My son is 14 and has had iPad’s for the past 11 years or more.  He has one for a communication device, and 2 for using for games and such.  I have always had problems with games having so much in-app purchases that you can’t play the games without spending hundreds of dollars.  Recently we’ve began to notice that many apps we’ve spent money to purchase, and even spent money on in-app purchases are no longer available, have disappeared, or just no longer work.  For example: Lego Harry Potter (both versions), Lego Lord Of The Rings, Disney Toy Box, Disney Infinity, Infinity 3.0, and many others.  I have written to Apple and have gotten no response.  I feel that Apple owes children like my son some money.  My son always asks for iTunes cards for every holiday, then spends them on these games he loves so much, just to have them disappear.  I am really disappointed in Apple, and have been a die hard Apple customer for many years.  I really feel that this company is going straight into the toilet without a life raft.

Sorry end of my rant…. it just makes me so mad we’ve spent so much money and so many things our son can no longer play.  Do you know what frustration this causes to a child with multiple disabilities?  Do you know what it does to my life?  Thank you Apple, I think I am ready to switch all my devices to Google.


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