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Family workout @ the YMCA


Working out at the YMCA


Family workout time

Nature’s Path Organic Love Crunch


If you ever get the chance to try this you MUST!!! This is by far the best granola, best snack I have ever found.  This flavor, the Aloha Blend, has coconut, white chocolate chunks, and pineapple pieces.  It is the perfect texture too.  Not too crunchy or dry like other granolas I’ve tried.  I think I have truly found my favorite new snack out there.  Even the story on the back of how it was created for a couples wedding is a nice extra too.

Trip to the YMCA (and a bit of a rant)


This morning Damian got on his bus and headed off to his summer school program, and we headed to the local Salem YMCA as a family.  What was supposed to be  a fun family trip to the gym turned out to be a mess of a morning.

It started off with bickering between the kids and between adults as well.  Which in turn sent Mike walking to the Y quit a distance alone ahead of me and the 3 kids.  We eventually arrived at the YMCA and checked in.

We headed up to the workout floor with all 3 kids in tow.  There were not enough treadmills next to each other for us to all do the treadmill together, so that took us about 30 minutes or so to take 10 minute turns.  After that we headed over to work on legs with the kids for a bit, which just turned out to be a crap show…. lol… Let’s see you take 8 year old twins and an almost 13 year old boy to workout with you, lol….  yeah… crazy

After all was said and done we got a pretty good workout in, as much as we possibly could.  On the way out I questioned the lady working at the front about what is available for children between the age of 8 and 11.  (After the age of 8 they are too old for the babysitting area, and under age 11 is too young to take part in all the activities  they have for teenage kids).   She first didn’t know that there was a cut off age for the babysitting service, and then when I explained that to her, she then proceeded to tell me the perk they get between age 8-11 is the ability to go onto the gym floor with parent supervision.  UM, OK, so no support for parents of children ages 8-11, I have to drag my kids in tow to the gym floor and supervise them, seems I am not getting much out of the full price that is being paid for memberships for 6 people, 4 of whom are children, 2 under the age of 11, but above the age of 8.

The lady working there also told me the times that they have family swim and stuff, but that wasn’t really what I asked.  Then she also went on to tell me about all the camps and programs that I could pay extra money for.   Well, thank you Salem, YMCA for making me question all the money we’ve spent, and whether it was a total waste.


So after this we headed out of the YMCA on the walk home and ended up walking different ways back home again.  But we are all back home now and planning to do it all again tomorrow morning.  Just adding in breakfast first, maybe that will cut down on the attitudes everyone had.


Sunday evening

So today was a fun day having good friends visit for a BBQ. Even got Elijah to hold a baby lol.. Tomorrow is the first day for Damians summer program and we are planning on a trip to the YMCA with the other 3, so needless to say it’s a good night from me.

Hope you and yours are blessed 

It’s time for BB After Dark

Going to try to stay up for more than 5 minutes of BB After Dark tonight, well technically it’s morning, so…..

Today (Friday) was a relaxing day for us after cleaning so much yesterday. Worked on the web page, blog, and some social media, then threw together some pasta and sauce for dinnah.

Tomorrow (Saturday, later) is grocery shopping day. I don’t mind the shopping part, the loading of the car, or bringing them in the house. But when it comes to putting them away, ugh

Summer Cleaning

So as I sit here aching and tired from a day of deep cleaning for at least 10 straight hours. Feels good to have accomplished it, but I am beat! Going to watch King Of The Road on Viceland and chill. Good night!

My First Post


So this is obviously my first post.  Please keep in mind that this is all new to me, but I will do my best to learn quickly.  I look forward to posting more and telling so many stories, I just can’t wait.  Now I must go and continue figuring out how to set this thing up. lol….